Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tuna Steaks with Black Bean Corn Salsa

Sunday 2 September
Holt was inspired to make a corn and black bean salsa from one look at the last of the fresh corn, and another look at Fresh Table, at Findlay Market.
He microwaved the corn and removed the kernels on Saturday night, and on Sunday day we simmered up a mess of black beans in the Canadian Tire crockpot.  
When we got home that night, we cooled some of the beans, mixed them with the corn kernels, a few handfuls of fresh cilantro, two little diced sweet onions, some chopped yellow, red, and orange tomatoes, a big diced yellow bell pepper, and a plentiful douse of olive oil and lime juice.  Tossed it all, seasoned with salt, and not much else was needed. 
We grabbed a couple of Albacore tuna steaks out of the freezer to go with this; just dusted them with ground coriander, cumin, and salt, and seared them a minute or two on each side.  And the flavors just popped (as in the current expression, "that color made her eyes pop" - it's a good thing). 

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