Sunday, May 02, 2010

Strip Steaks with Garlic Mash

Friday April 30

After living on yogurt and apples for too long, Barbara had a yen for serious protein. So we got two nice thick New York strip steaks and fired up the grill. Garlic mash potatoes on the side.

A special occasion called for a special wine so we rootled away in the root cellar and disgorged the 1998 Mezzino Barolo that Brian gave Holt for his birthday in 2004. It had aged very well (as which of us has not?), with firm tannins (as which of us . . .), and blackberry notes (as which . . ).

A (short) Canadian interval

And now an interval (sucking sound heard) until Barbara gets home on Friday.

Pork Medallions with Baby Bok Choy

Sunday 25 April

The nice young Amish guy at Findlay Market had baby bok choy. He had been carefully separating the leaves but Barbara told him more people would buy them if he left them intact. So this week we picked up some, and (as it was Holt's night to do the dishes) had them in a one-frying-pan meal.

So we sautéed the BBC (baby bok choy) with the last of the Ontario garlic in a little oil until the leaves were just a little crisp, then steamed covered with a dash of wine. Removed to the hot plates.

Then the pork medallions coated with lovely herbs from the garden. Parsley, sage, oregano, and thyme (dang! so close). Deglazed with another shot of wine. Decorated the plates with thyme and sage flowers.

Baby Bluefish and Asparagus

Saturday 24 April

Not really a baby bluefish, more a toddler. Two of the blue would be too much. So one pan-sized bluefish, with cavity stuffed with parsley and thyme, roasted at 475º with the asparagus.

Barbara, with her whaling skills intact, neatly flensed the fish.

Chicken Enchiladas

Thursday 23 April

This was the rest of the roast chicken from Tuesday, plus the tortillas from last Thursday. The ancient family recipe is here.