Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chilaquiles - again

Thursday 19 December
Say no more.

Avocados with Whitefish Salad

Wednesday 18 December
In our current thinking, avocados (or is it avocadoes, on the paradigm of tomatoes and potatoes?) demand to be stuffed with fish salad - either crab or smoked whitefish.  
In this case, a tail of the latter from Kroger.  All it needed was some minced red onion and celery, a dollop of mayo, and a good squeeze of lemon.
We were very satisfied with the dish, but we're still not decided on the plural.  More avocado(e)s, please.

Kielbasa with Red Cabbage

Tuesday 17 December
Three Kroger Bros. smoked kielbasas got sliced up to sauté with a little red cabbage, and a couple of cut-up apples, like this.  
Good, hearty peasant food for good, hearty peasants.


Monday 16 December
We made up a batch of chilaquiles, using the venison chili we froze after Halloween as a filling.
As usual, it made one meal and enough leftovers for another.

Coho Salmon with Zucchini and Onions

Sunday 15 December
Yesterday we purchased a fillet of fresh, wild, Coho salmon from Luken's - it was expensive, but worth it.  Just look at that vibrant color.

We prepared it very simply, according to Alton Brown's directions.

To go with, we fried up a panful of red onion, then zucchini.  Straight-up flavorful, like the fish.

Mussels with Chorizo

Saturday 14 December
There was still one chorizo in the freezer.  So we decided to use it as we have once or twice before, as a spice agent (Yeheskel Mizrahi!) for a pot of mussels.

We found this recipe on the internet, and were pleased with the results.

Chorizo can scream down the subtle brininess of mussels, but here the cream helps tone it down and integrate the flavors - but forget the extra spices if you're using Kroger Bros. chorizo, which is plenty spicy on its own.