Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crabcakes with roasted leeks

Monday 21 December
Still had crab. Still had leeks. So we took some (not one) and repeated last week's menu. Yes, I know. Unimaginative. But it was late and I didn't have the energy to be creative. Besides, them boys is tasty.

Chicken with zhough and potatoes

Sunday 20 December
Also in the freezer: a package of ZHOUGH, neatly labeled "ZHOUGH" so we could remember how to spell "ZHOUGH" and look it up on the blog to see what we did last time with ZHOUGH. It worked so well last time, we repeated it: ZHOUGH stuffed under the skin of the chicken breasts, sauteed, covered, finished with wine. Then a shot of cream to moderate the zhough and make a yummy sauce for the potatoes.

Welcome Home Lamb Stew

Saturday 19 December
Back to Cincinnati, and a Saturday for long simmered something. So a package of lamb scraps cut up for stoo in the freezer. But not just a stoo, no, dear friends, but a Proven├žale daube, done in the Cuisine of the Sun style, with thyme and olives and orange peel.