Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crabcakes and Rouille

Saturday 1 September
We were going to make a batch of panko-crusted crabcakesbut we were also thinking longingly about our recent meal in Marseille.
So we started by consulting a bunch of cookbooks and whizzing up a batch of rouille.  All the recipes are different, but all seem to be based on breadcrumbs, so we ground up a clove of garlic with salt, a roasted red bell pepper, then one whole egg; made a loose mayonnaise with about a cup of oil, and thickened with cracker crumbs (because our house bread is bran, not baguettes).  Needless to say, it was not like the Le Rhul rouille, but we will continue to experiment with this.
Our crabcakes featured diced yellow bell pepper and some of the rouille inside and out, instead of mayo and dijon.  Still, they needed some savor, so we squeezed a half lime onto them.
And for dessert, some more of those baked tiny pears, just like last Sunday.

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