Saturday, September 01, 2012

Start of the Semester Party

Friday 24 August
It is dreadfully early to begin the school year, but UC is going to the semester system, which apparently means starting classes before Labor Day, dammit. 
Our Classics Department held its opening party the Friday before, at Baba Budan's, which is not only near Blegen Hall, but does food as well as plenty of beer and wine for such special occasions. 
There was an abundant spread, though it adhered to no particular theme or ethnicity.  There were toasted Reuben sandwiches with coleslaw, falafel-filled pitas, and some good hummus and garlic dips as well as rather uninspired green and pasta salads. 
Dessert was a Greek-style cookie platter, and it was fun to see how many eminent professors and serious students were dusted with powdered sugar by the end of the night.
At least, I hope it was sugar...

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