Saturday, September 15, 2012

Basil Fettucine Caprese

Saturday 8 September
The basil in the garden needs to be pinched back regularly, as we still hope it will do some growing before it's pesto time.  Holt came up with a great idea for using the pickings: a batch of fresh basil pasta, beautifully green if a little sticky (needs a lot of extra flour to roll it out, and also some careful drying).

The conceit was to use the ingredients for an Insalata Caprese.  We used scamorza rather than fresh mozzarella, for that smoky flavor, and our tomatoes were orange sungolds and volunteer reds from the garden, and yellows from the farmers' market.  And of course, extra basil leaves thrown in when it all got tossed with some good Spanish olive oil at the end.

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