Saturday, September 22, 2012

No-Beast Mideast Feast

Monday 17 September
We still had the eggplant we'd smoked on Saturday, plus the golden beets we'd roasted.  And to our delight, the yogurt drainer we ordered months ago finally arrived on Friday.  It seemed like fate wanted us to put together a light dinner of middle eastern vegetables and dips.
The little smoked Asian eggplants weren't enough to make a baba ghanouj, so we adapted David Warda's eggplant appetizer and sautéed them up with some diced onion, garlic, and red bell pepper, with a shot of wine vinegar to spice them up at the end.  That's one dish.
We cubed up the golden beets and made them the Moroccan way we've done before.  Second dish.

We'd started draining 2 cups of yogurt and some salted chopped cucumber the night, before to make the tzaziki; this morning we put some lime zest and minced garlic in the yogurt, and tonight mixed the two and added lots of chopped fresh dill.  Third dish.
Holt made taramasalata as he had before, with soft white bread; but did it with lime juice, for a little change.  Fourth dish, and that's enough.

What more do you need?  Pitas, that's what, so we got some, heated them up, and snarfed them down with as much of our dishes as we wanted.

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