Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scallop and Rare Tuna Ceviche

Sunday 16 September
Holt has been meditating upon ceviche, a perfect warm weather dish, so we got a half pound of bay scallops at Luken's yesterday.  You actually want them small, so they don't take too long to "cook" in the citrus marinade. 
When we got home this evening, we started the scallops marinating in lime juice and just a little of our pickled jalapeno in the fridge; they need to go an hour or more, until they're opaque.  

In the meantime, we diced up some red bell pepper, sweet onion, de-seeded, salted, and squeezed-out cucumber, cilantro, sungold cherry tomatoes, and some of the rare tuna left over from Friday; and when the scallops were ready, we mixed it all up and ladled it into glass bowls bottomed with greens from the garden.  Light, spicy, and so refreshing.

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