Saturday, September 15, 2012

Szechuan Fish Fragrant Eggplant

Monday 10 September
Asian eggplants are in at the farmers' market, and they made us suddenly nostalgic for the smoky-flavored eggplant Catherine used to order at the Chinese place whose name we can't remember opposite Lincoln Center.  After a troll of the internet, we came up with this.  
We used 3 eggplants, scanted the recipe on soy sauce and sugar, and only added cornstarch to the ground pork (in our case, half a Jungle Jim's roll sausage), but none in addition later.  Oh, and we used a thin-shaved red Torpedo onion instead of scallion.  Also added a dribble of sesame oil at the end, because it's so Chinese.
Results were pretty tasty, though not quite the ideal dish of long ago.

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