Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fresh Tuna Salade Niçoise

Friday 14 September
This was prompted by the full bag of purple bush beans we've been collecting from the garden.  They needed to be used, but they were all different sizes.  So we frenched the large ones, left the little ones whole, and boiled them the night before so we could marinate them in good oil and red wine vinegar in the fridge.  Same went for 6 or 7 little Yukon golds, though they stayed out on the counter, as Lydia says you shouldn't refrigerate potatoes.
The next night, Barbara picked a mess of lettuce, arugula, and herbs from the garden; it went down first as a bed for the potatoes, now-green beans, yellow and red tomatoes, sungolds, and black olives.  A couple of 'ahi tuna steaks got patted with fresh chervil and thyme, then seared in a pan until rare and sliced on top of the salad; and an anchovy dressing was spooned overall.

Elegant, light, and quick enough for a Friday night; and the white Epicuro Vermentino di Lazio we had with it stood up well to the dressing.

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