Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mustard-dill Crêpes with Mushroom and Salmon Filling

Wednesday 12 September
We've been enjoying the succulent Taku salmon products that Andi and Joel sent us from Alaska. 

The presence of a can of ruby-red smoked sockeye salmon, combined with a pound of fresh mushrooms bought on spec and a little tub of crème fraîche ditto, inspired us to think of making a lush filling for crêpes.
Holt browsed the intertubes and was inspired by this recipe, so we took the time to go out and get some fresh dill (the Great Heat killed off our dill seedlings this year). 
First we prepared the pancake batter, and while it rested, worked on the filling: sliced and sautéed the mushrooms in butter until they were dark and their liquid almost gone, adding fresh thyme toward the end; then gently mixed in the big flakes of salmon and the crème fraîche to just warm.

The recipe makes puffy little blini rather than thin crêpes, which would have required no baking powder.  But we managed to coax it into four large and two small pancakes to fill, topped with an additional driblet of crème fraîche and dill for decor.

The dill and mustard flavorings make for a perfect savory pancake, so we want to try them with just plain lox or caviar and sour cream in the future.  But tonight's version was not just gilding the lily, it was coating it with pearl dust and sprinkling it with uncut rubies.  

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