Saturday, September 01, 2012

Leftover Lamb Feast

Wednesday 22 August
Julia talks about "feasting on the remains" of her roast lamb, and we are so with her.  We've even thought about writing (in our copious spare time) a cookbook called Lovely Leftovers, where we cook various masses of protein for the sake of the succulent variations (to quote Iron Chef) we will play upon them in subsequent days.
Still, when you've got a beautiful medium rare chunk of roast lamb, you don't need to do much except thin-slice it and let it come to room temperature.  Then if you want a sauce (and we so do), make a half recipe of tzaziki as here, but this time with garlic (must have also been that time, as garlic defines tzaziki, but we probably forgot to mention it) and chopped fennel fronds, as none of our dill plants have survived.

The fun part was the salad.  We roasted and peeled six baby beets yesterday, and today sliced them thin and decorated them with slices of fresh mozzarella, basil, oil, and white balsamic to make a sort of beet caprese.  
And as is now traditional, here's a picture of Dora playing with the beets when they arrived.

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