Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pork Tenderloin and Roast Vegetables

Saturday March 19

JoDee happened to have two pork tenderloins sitting around - which shows she's a woman of taste and style. Holt dusted them with coriander, cumin, and chile, and let them marinate. We cubed up redskin potatoes, skinned some sweet potatoes and cubed them too, and added a couple of sliced onions to the mix. Tossed the vedge with oil and salt, and put them into a high oven to roast first, followed by the pork.

At our leisure, we shredded up the half cabbage left from Thursday and made a cole slaw with shredded carrot, juliennes of half an orange bell pepper, salt, mayo, red wine vinegar, and lots of celery seed.

Popular with the whole family, who are also persons of taste and style. Especially Laura, who made coconut-chocolate-chip cookies for dessert.

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