Monday, May 02, 2011

Chicken and Sausage Cacciatori

Wednesday 23 February

We had a few already-cooked parts from Monday's bird, but not enough to make a full meal, so we decided to make a cacciatori but flesh it out with two Trader Joe's mild Italian sausages.

Browned the sausages in oil, and following Marcella Hazan's guidelines, thin-sliced and threw in half an onion, half a stick of celery, a green pepper and a small carrot. (Some recipes also add mushrooms, but we stick with Marcella on all things Italian, and we didn't have any anyway.)

Deglazed with a shot of white wine and added about 14 oz. crushed tomatoes, nestled the chicken parts in, and let it simmer under cover for about 20 mins. Surprisingly authentic-tasting Italian, for chicken that started out French.

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