Monday, May 02, 2011

Murray Lecture Celebration at Andy's Mediterranean Grill

Saturday 26 February

We did the normal Findlay Market shopping in the morning, and found something at Krause's that we wish we'd known about for Valentine's Day - Black Kassel Salami d'Amour. We had it for an antipasto-style light lunch, with Holt's homemade cornichons and Barbara's pickled daikon and turnips & beets.

In the afternoon, Holt gave the Robert J. Murray Lecture at Xavier University on "Popular Sex and Popular Culture in Antiquity" - and was it popular! There was standing room only in the back of a room that seated about 150, and at the reception afterwards the appetizers disappeared so fast that neither of us got any of the famous Xavier meatballs.

Shannon Byrne, who organized the whole deal and was also celebrating her promotion to Full Professor, booked a feast for 15 people in the back room at Andy's Mediterranean Grill. Appetizers of every sort - dolma, hummus, baba ghanouj, olives, salads - appeared from everywhere and traveled all over the place. Wines was Lebanese, Chateau Kasara Prieure. Our mains were Chicken faroush (tasty but the breasts a mite dry) and two skewers of excellent lamb "kabobs," accompanied by the traditional pilafs. The meal ended with a taste of baklava, and a blonde belly dancer. An excellent time was had by all, so thanks to Robert Murray, Shannon Byrne, and Xavier University!

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