Monday, June 09, 2014

"She Stoops to Conquer" Picnic

Wednesday 21 May
Spring is the time for college theatricals, and Christ Church was putting on a bit of Goldsmith in the Cathedral gardens.  We went early, so that we could get front-row seats (just call us Mr. and Mrs. First Nighter) and have a little picnic before the play. 
Holt made a giant frittata with zucchini, romano pepper, and scallions, which he cut into wedges for picnic-style consumption. 
And since we still had a knob of celery root, he accompanied it with celeriac remoulade: this is simpler and even tastier than our previous favorite way with this root.
Of course, we brought a bottle of cold white wine, and some red grapes for dessert; they kept us going through the interval, as they were not messy to eat.

And oh, the play?  Very charmingly produced and acted, and hardly anyone noticed when a couple of pigeons started mating in the chestnut tree above, sprinkling leaves on the hapless cast below.  Bravo, Christ Church.

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