Sunday, June 15, 2014

Murray Court Drinks Party

Tuesday 10 June
The ladies and gentlemen of Murray Court have been so nice to us that we wanted to reciprocate; so we invited Sybille, Grace, Eleanor, and Tom over for drinks before everyone (including us) dispersed for the summer.
As well as a choice of French red or white wines from the Majestic warehouse, we got most of our supplies either from the Summertown Farmers' Market or Marks and Spencers, as our kitchen was not equipped for Holt to do what he does normally, i.e. bake everything himself.
M&S supplied PiĆ© d'Angloys cheese, sausage rolls, packages of salami, parma ham, and prosciutto to lay out on a platter, and the sine qua non, smoked salmon, which we put on top of olive crackers spread with cream ("soft") cheese and thin-sliced cucumber rounds.  We also topped the extra cucumbers with tomato circles, for a non-fish option.
The Sunday market provided a tasty bread whose braids were green with spinach or orange with tomato and basil, and some local scamorza cheese, just in cubes.  Also we mixed up a bowl of olives, some of which were Co-op green ones we'd jazzed up by sticking a bay leaf and lemon peels in their marinade.

It was an abundant table, and once our guests had enjoyed it and gone home (i.e. across the hall), we finished up the rest for our dinner.

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