Sunday, June 15, 2014

High Table at Worcester

Sunday 8 June
After yesterday's bibulous evening, we were a mite trembly in the ankles, but our friend Jo had graciously asked us to Evensong and black-tie Guest Night at Worcester, and we couldn't bear to miss out.  We assembled, all dressed in our best formal wear, and went on a short tour of the amazing Worcester gardens and lake before a beautiful Whitsunday Evensong (and yes, Philip Larkin was read).

On high table, we first enjoyed some Bibury Farm trout with peas, spring onions, tomato and mint, served with Tenuta Le Calcinaie 2011.
Jo is vegetarian, so got a cute little stuffed squash for her main, while we had Guinea fowl with butternut squash dice and pomegranate; all were served "Parisian" potatoes and butter-glazed asparagus and broad beans, and the wine was a Château Lynch-Moussas 2001.
There followed a simple but springy pudding of Evesham strawberries and cream. 
Worcester is unusual in having a savory course after pudding, in this case a little fishcake called "Croûte Roscoe" (apparently the croûtes get named after various chefs in turn).

Then we grabbed our napkins and headed off to the Worcester dessert room, again unusual by having little intimate tables rather than a great long one.  We enjoyed our sauternes, port, fruit, and chocolate, though as usual turned down the snuff; and then a lively classics group regrouped in the SCR to enjoy one last lingering glass of scotch.  So we managed to maintain our heads for the walk home; and those heads were full of thanks to Jo for another lovely evening.

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