Friday, June 06, 2014

High Table at Christ Church

Thursday 15 May
We've been setting up informal duels between the chefs of Christ Church and Brasenose; the former got the stage for Andi and Joel's last night in Oxford.
ChCh cantered to an early lead with its starter of asparagus soup with crispy pancetta (bacon, really), featuring a breaded fritter of savory "goats' curd" (i.e. soft cheese) in the middle, and a glass of Givry Francois Lupp 2009.

But it fell back with the main, "char-grilled chicken supreme" (i.e. leg and thigh) with black olives, pesto (a few dabs, but mainly tomatoey sauce) soaking the new potatoes and parmesan now-not-so-crisps.  Again a red was served with the main whatever its nature, in this case Colle Morino 2002.
A definite statement was made with the lemon meringue tart, looking like a nailbrush, served with orange jelly, creme fraiche ice cream, and smears of lime and cardamom yogurt.  Unfortunately the meringue was so hard that any attempt to fork it up squashed the lemon curd underneath. 
So on the whole, dessert honors go to Brasenose, starters to Christ Church, and nobody wins with mains, because it was all chicken legs underneath.

We had some port and fruit as dessert in the SCR afterwards, so it was a real sendoff for the people who had to get up and go off in a taxi at 5 AM.

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