Sunday, June 01, 2014

Non-British Roast Pork with Root Vedge

Friday 9 May
Today Andi and Joel arrived for a weeklong visit.  So we thought we would welcome them (and let them recover from any jet lag) with a home-cooked meal.
We took the classic British package of rolled roast of pork, untied, unrolled, and de-cracklinged it, and stuffed it with sprigs of rosemary and garlic, more like a porchetta.  It roasted in a 375º F. oven, covered with foil to keep the moisture in, until it hit 150º on our very American instant-read thermometer, when we took it out to rest.  It can be a bit pink, but any higher and it's leathery and dry.
On the side, we had roasted potatoes, carrots, and quartered onions; they and the sliced pork added up to a lovely plate, with pinot noir to accompany them.

To mark the celebration, there were even some little slivers of raspberry bakewell tart, topped with cream, at the end.

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