Monday, June 09, 2014

Post-Nuptial Enchilada Casseroles

Saturday 24 May
Today we drove out to Olton, TX for Laura and Grant's wedding.  The weather started out rainy, but due to the virtuous lives of the bride, the groom, and most of the participants, when the time for the ceremony neared, the skies cleared and the sun came out smiling.  

There was no served meal, but a buffet of various fruits, cheeses, and crudités; a Sweet Shoppe, where you could get sundaes and coke floats; and of course the wedding cake made by David's sister, where the bottom layer was white, the middle chocolate, and the top red velvet.

When nineteen or so Parkers and friends drove back to Luke and Jenny's, we dined off the products of Jo Linn's labors (Barbara assisting in the assemblage this morning): beef and chicken enchilada casseroles, with guacamole and chips.  Luke's Mom supplied some green salads with strawberries and walnuts, and key lime pies, and everyone was happy, for so many reasons.

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