Sunday, June 15, 2014

Festival of Gloucester Green Cheeses

Friday 30 May
We're still getting over our jet lag, so we wanted a light, easy meal. 
We started as if having a wine and cheese party, featuring olives, sweet tomatoes, and a selection of Gloucester Green cheeses that could have been ballast for a trip from the moon: cheddars with mustard and horseradish and with spring onion, jarlsberg, camembert affin√© that turned out to be - ahem - slightly ammoniated to the sensitive noses of the Oriental Institute, and some smoked bavarian. 

After that, all we needed were a few wedges of hotted-up frittata that we had frozen after our picnic a couple of Wednesdays ago - themselves featuring a selection of cheeses, including the inevitable parmesan.
What - no Wensleydale?

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