Friday, June 06, 2014

Chicken - yet again? - with Mushrooms and Celeriac

Sunday 18 May
Yes, it was the aforementioned chicken breasts, marinated in rosemary, parsley, lemon, and olive oil since Friday, so that they were almost a seviche.  We simply pan-browned them, then smothered them with thyme-sautéed mushrooms, while we drank our first glass of  Domaine Horgelius Côtes de Gascogne, La vie en rose (well-titled).
For a side dish, Holt tackled another knobbly celeriac root.  This time he did it according to Elizabeth David's advice in French Provincial Cooking.  You slice the root into thin julienne strips (wish we had our benriner), and sauté in an ample amount of butter for about 10 minutes until tender; then add salt, pepper, a dash of dijon mustard, and a dash of tarragon or wine vinegar to taste.  This is our favorite way with it so far.

So there was a different herb for every part of the meal, and all were amazingly tasty.

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