Monday, June 09, 2014

Christ Church Cookoff

Tuesday 20 May
Barbara was booked for the Spouses and Partners dinner in the Freind room of Christ Church, while Holt went off to High Table.

The Spouses started off with a champagne toast, so gained an early lead, which was maintained by the starter: large chunks of lobster in lemon verbena sauce, served with a Sancerre (Reverdy 1998). 
Then came a meaty main of roast new season rump of lamb, served with asparagus, fava beans, wild garlic and morel tortellini - very springy.  The wine was Chateau Cantemerle 2003. 

Finally, a sweet raspberry soufflĂ© with elderflower ice cream, and a Chateau Septy Monbazillac 2007, followed by coffee and mints. 

At High Table, all Holt can remember is having green soup and a little steak and being grateful that at least it wasn't chicken.  
So Spouses and Partners wins in a walk.

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