Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Gee's, Oxford

Tuesday 13 May
After our train ride back to Oxford, we didn't feel much like cooking dinner.  So we booked a table at Gee's, the former garden center glasshouse only ten minutes' walk from our flat.
We started by ordering some white wine and a plate of Padrón peppers seared in the Spanish style, which we enjoyed along with the platter of bread and oil (excellent, though not on the scale of Eleven's in Bath). 
The appetizers continued with fried artichokes with caper mayonnaise (halved, not whole like carciofi alla giudia); and a duck and pistachio terrine, agreeably pink and green, served with caramelized red onions.
One of our mains continued the Spanish theme with warm octopus and chickpea stew, seasoned with pimenton de la Véra and lots of capers for salt.  The other was two excellent lamb chops grilled with rosemary, served with creamed spinach.
Andi and Joel enjoyed their meals as well, especially the pretty salad with sliced chioggia beets, and a steak of rare thickness (and rare rareness) for this country.

We were actually able to collaborate on eating two puddings: a scoop of blood orange sorbet; and a panna cotta with meringues, honeycomb, and freeze-dried raspberries for color.

As Eleven is our favorite restaurant in Bath, Gee's is our favorite in Oxford - especially when it's so close to home.

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