Saturday, August 04, 2012

Veal with Potatoes and Mushrooms

Friday 13 July
Today we drove to St. Remy to visit the charming Roman site of Glanum.  While there, we had a biggish lunch at Bistrot Découvertefresh tuna steak on a salade niçoise, and a beautiful sliced duck breast flavored with five spice, dipped in red wine sauce, served with potatoes oozing duckfat.  It was the sort of lunch that gives you the strength to crawl all over Roman ruins in the hot sun, and not eat dinner until the cool of evening.

That dinner consisted of more Carrefour finds: nice (though not the thinnest) veal escallopes seasoned with salt and herbes de provence, and pan seared, served with boiled new potatoes, and mushrooms fried with a dollop of crème fraiche.  With it we drank a red wine de Nimes - and we visit there tomorrow.

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