Saturday, August 11, 2012

Corn Chowder

Sunday 22 July
Our four cobs of fresh local corn were destined to make a luscious corn chowder.  We nuked them as we did yesterday, sliced off the kernels, and set them aside while the cobs boiled in a little water in a separate pot. 
In a deep skillet, we fried a quarter pound of bacon, one diced onion, and a slim stalk of celery, all of them diced small.  Then we added four smallish yukon golds, cubed, and when they'd fried a few minutes, poured a little cob-water over them, covered, and let them steam until tender. 
At the end, we added diced red and orange tiny peppers, the kernels, and milk until the consistency was right, and then finished with a dollop of cream. 
Smoky, sweet, creamy: what you want in a chowder.

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