Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lemon Pepper Fettucine with Salmon Jerky Cream

Saturday 4 August
Andi and Joel just got back from a cruise in Alaska, and while they were there they kindly ordered us a heaping goodie bag of salmon delicacies from Taku Smokeries.  There were jars and cans of specialty smoked and unsmoked king and coho salmon, a precious jar of red salmon roe, and something we’ve never encountered before – salmon jerky.
As we’ve never gnawed much jerky of any sort, we wondered how to incorporate this novel item into real cooked food.  Teh intertubes was no help – it just gave us recipes on how to make fresh salmon into jerky.  Fine if you’re preparing for the Iditarod, but no help when thinking about dinner.
So we decided to try cooking a few rashers of the unpeppered jerky in a cream sauce as a topping for fresh pasta, a variation on our beloved lemon pepper fettucine al salmone.
We started the chopped jerky simmering in cream early, but it didn’t look like it would get much more pliable, so we threw in a handful of green peas to make it friendlier.  And let’s face it, Holt's fresh lemon pepper pasta makes almost anything taste fantastic.  

So thanks, Andi and Joel!  We will keep grazing (and reporting) on those fishy goodies for weeks to come.

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