Saturday, August 25, 2012

Poulet à l'Estragon with Potatoes

Wednesday 15 August
People whose motto is "What Would Julia Do?" should make a special dish to commemorate her hundredth birthday.  We decided on a classic poulet à l'estragonbut didn't have time to do Julia's recipe for a whole chicken.  We ended up using boneless chicken breasts, sweet red torpedo onions, sautéed zephyr squash slices (yes, prolific, we know) and boiled yukon golds on the side to soak in the creamy, herbaceous sauce.

Ed Special of Ann Arbor, Michigan made several hilarious remixes of Julia called "Julia Child Speaks her Mind" (thanks to him and to Kim Scarborough for keeping the webpage up).  Though I play these often, they still make me laugh until I cry. 
Thank you, Julia; at 100, you are still telling us what we should do.  

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