Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thai Green Curry Chicken

Wednesday 8 August
This is a variation of gaeng khiao wan gai, Thai green curry with chicken and eggplant.  But since our zephyr plants are producing tons of little squashes, and our bush beans a precious few little purple wonders, a few of each snuck into the pan as well.
We sliced and stir-fried a couple of thin Asian eggplants to start, then set them aside.  We then took down an undisturbed can of coconut milk and poured off the top cream; with this, we stir-fried a spoonful or two of Mae Ploy green curry two minutes or so, until fragrant.  Added the zephyr slices and stir-fried for 5 minutes (they could have gone even a little longer), and then the purple string beans (which unfortunately turn regular green when they're cooked). 
Finally we added the chicken, the rest of the coconut milk, a splash of nam pla, a couple of kaffir lime leaves, and a spritz of lime juice.  Cooked for 10 minutes, and at the end, sprinkled with purple ruffled and green basil leaves for a pretty and fragrant Thai-style dish.

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