Saturday, August 04, 2012

Bastille Day Lambchops

Saturday 14 July
We spent the day seeing the sights of Nimes, during which we found an on-street spot not far from the Amphitheater (possible French insult: "He couldn't find free parking on Bastille Day!"), had a plat-du-jour lunch at a new little place called La Claque, and extended our visit as far as the Pont du Gard, qui mérite un détour (even with very expensive parking). 
We got home at about 10 PM and set about another Carrefour meal: 3 lambchops, with their long bone broken to make it easier to get at the nuggets of flesh, patted with oil, salt, and fresh rosemary, and seared till perfect.  Some pre-made ratatouille went on the side, and our wine was a Montagne Saint-Émilion 2011.
This lamb must have been pre-salé, because it ended up being some of the best-tasting we've ever had.  And that's the difference between supermarkets (and indeed food) in France and those everywhere else.

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