Saturday, August 01, 2015

Skate and Squash

Monday 27 July
Sounds like an odd pair of activities, or an eccentric pub ("let's meet down at the old Skate and Squash").  Let us explain.

As Findlay Market was closed by the time Barbara got home yesterday, she went off on an excursion to seek fresh foods at Jungle Jim's today.  She got several specialty meats (see above), and for tonight's fishy treat, a classic (unskinned) skate wing, now down to $2.49/lb. at the Jungle.
We boiled, skinned, boned, and then browned it in the usual manner, though an extra-deep browning at the end made it even better.
Deglazed the pan for the classic lemon-caper browned butter sauce, and served the result with briskly sautéed zephyr squash.

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