Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shrimp Rouille in Golden Beet Ring

Tuesday 11 August
Last week Holt roasted a couple of red peppers on spec, which prompted a yearning for a big bowl of peppery, garlicky rouille as served by the mortarful in Marseille.
He browsed the various recipes, but most featured more breadcrumbs than we remembered or wanted.  Instead, he went for a purer, seasoned fresh mayonnaise like this.
Rouille is so overwhelming that it almost doesn't matter what sort of seafood you serve it on; bouillabaisse, of course, was originally just trash fish soup.  We chose to boil up a pound of shrimp in a court bouillon as a vehicle for ours.

We also happened to have a batch of baby golden beets that we'd roasted with last week's chicken, so we decorated our plates in all shades of orange and pink: from the ring of cold gold beets dressed with white balsamic at the base, to the peach-colored rouille in the bowl, to the pink shrimp piled on top of it.

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