Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sausage, Kale, and Potatoes

Wednesday 12 August
Barbara's red Russian kale only got a second prize at the county fair, but disappointment doesn't stop it growing like crazy out in the garden, and that means that eventually we have to eat it.  
The big leaves are now too tough for salads, so we searched the blog for what we've done with such things previously (which is what the blog is for - you thought your reading it mattered?  Ha!).  We came up with this, which, ironically, started as sausages with kale and cannellini, and ended up using chard and potatoes instead.

No matter - kale, potatoes, and mild andouille sausage is what we had, and what we used.  The potatoes were diced and pre-boiled, the crumbled sausage and some chopped onion pre-fried, and finally the chopped kale leaves (including some fine-chopped stems, which went in first) were sautéed and steamed -  and steamed -  and steamed.  Did we say they were tough?

The kale alone took at least a half hour, and even after the ingredients were finally cooked together to mingle their flavors, it was still a little chewy.  But good, hearty farmhouse food, no doubt.

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