Saturday, August 22, 2015

Chicken Skillet Supper

Saturday 15 August
We usually just roast our Saturday chicken, but today we decided to make it into a one-skillet dish. 
While Holt broke up the bird, Barbara sautéed a big sliced onion and some of the tiny garlic cloves from her garden, just smashed.  Pushing them aside, she browned the chicken pieces on both sides, and when they were golden, added some chicken broth and an equal slosh of white wine, four chopped Yukon gold potatoes, and a third of a batch of chopped parsley, rosemary, sage on top, covered the pan, and let the steaming begin. 
After 15 minutes, she flipped the chicken, threw in a lot of purple and green beans from the garden and a second third of herbs, and steamed for another 12 minutes, until the potatoes were breaking up.  
At that point, she scattered in the last lot of chopped herbs, fork-smashed the potato pieces, and let it steam open until the sauce was reduced and absorbed.

We ate the wings, thighs, and drumsticks piled on top of the savory mess of vegetables, and left the other pieces to be picked over for a future chicken salad.  We love deliberate leftovers.

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