Saturday, August 08, 2015

Insalata Caprese and Stuffed Zephyr Blossoms

Thursday 30 July

Whenever Barbara goes to Jungle Jim's, she buys a fresh burrata, and Monday was no exception.  What's more, our zephyr squash plants are finally bearing blossoms, and this morning she picked a dozen, thus fascinating Dora as usual.  So we planned an Italian-style vegetal meal for tonight.
The main body of the burrata got portioned over two platefuls of sliced red tomatoes, garnished with basil, basil oil, and salt, and made our first course.

Holt sliced the burrata's topknot into twelve slim portions, one for each blossom, added a sliver of white anchovy each, and twirled the petals back together.  Then he made his classic light batter, dipped them quickly, and fried them up in a pan of oil.
Though the meal was only made up of vegetables, it was truly Italian in being anything but light.

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