Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Chinese Pork and Beans

Friday 21 August
This title will definitely give you the wrong idea of the dish, though it's absolutely true.  The beans were the garden Romanos and purple Carminats that are still burgeoning in our garden, the pork was a setup of scaloppine sliced into strips, and it was a stir-fry, with no tomato sauce involved.
We marinated the pork as usual in soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, and a touch of sugar and white pepper.  Then we minced some garlic (which went into the pork marinade) and some ginger, sliced up a big onion, and cut the beans into suitable stirfry bits - long for the thinner purple beans, to match the pork strips, but small for the thicker Romanos.

First, we stir-fried the onions for a minute or two, added the ginger for a few stirs, then the Romanos, and finally the purple beans, adding salt to each.  When the vedge darkened, we turned down the heat, added a splash of chicken broth, covered, and let it simmer until even the toughest bit was tender.   

Having set that aside, we reheated the wok to high, stir-fried the pork, then dumped the vedge back in and added a big sploosh of oyster sauce, tossing to coat and reheat everything.  
Nicely balanced, which is just what you want in a Chinese dish.

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