Saturday, August 29, 2015

Opening party at Kathleen and Steve's

Saturday 22 August
We hate to admit it, but classes begin on Monday.  Kathleen alleviated the angst (slightly) by throwing a party for the whole department and its friends and connections at her and Steve's house, where we could sit out on the back deck, chat, sip wine, watch the sun set, and pretend that summer wasn't over.
Food was provided by Funky's catering, a rather unfortunate name for a solid service.  There were brimming platters of grilled vegetables, salads, hummus, Israeli couscous, "South African ratatouille" (with cinnamon, apparently), a chafing-dishful of chicken breasts, and good sliced flank steak in tomatoey sauce.

There were desserts, too, but we mainly missed them.  It was that good a sunset.

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