Thursday, June 11, 2015

Šperun, Split

Saturday 30 May
Tour ended, our bus dropped us off in Split on its way back to Dubrovnik, and we happily returned to the Palace Augubio.  

Once settled in a truly comfortable room after the various meannesses of tour hotels, we ventured out for a lunch of light things at Konoba Marul: rollup of pršut inside grilled eggplant, topped with oil and a sprinkle of grana padano, and a good grilled octopus salad with cress, plus a glass of (rather pricey) chardonnay to wash it down.
In the evening, we walked out along the Riva to dinner.  There were three fish restaurants in the space of one block, all packed to the gills (sorry), but we lucked out to get a streetside table at the most highly recommended one, Šperun. 

We ordered the "blue fish mixed grill," fresh sardines and tuna steak with capers, named, so we are told, for the strong flavors of the fish, that call for red wine.  Our other starter was lighter, grilled sea bass (even their oven-baked specialties are actually grilled), so as a compromise, we called for an Opol rosé, by Zlatan Otok.
We had a fine evening of good food, helpful waiters, and eager cats who made several fishheads disappear.

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