Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pasta with Crab, Cream, and Peas

Tuesday 2 June
After Andi and Joel gave us a bountiful smoked-fish breakfast and drove us back to the airport, we finally flew home.  

Dora welcomed us, and we rummaged in the fridge and in the garden for something for dinner.  We found that the Trader Joe's cream we'd left in the fridge over two weeks before was still good, and there was a can of crabmeat (also TJ's) back there too.  
In the garden, Barbara picked a crop of sugar snap peas so overgrown they needed to be shelled and boiled to be tender.  
So we cooked up a batch of rotini, and tossed it with a sauce of cream, the peas, and half a can of crab.

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