Sunday, June 28, 2015

Salmon and Fennel Curry

Wednesday 24 June
We loved Padma Lakshmi's recipe for fish curry every time we made it back in 2007, but then for some reason it fell off our radar.  As we now actually have its required fennel bulb, curry leaves, and kaffir lime leaves (the latter two frozen), it is time to bring it back.

Kroger's still had silverbrite salmon on sale, so we substituted that for mahi-mahi, using a pound and a half so we could have leftovers for salmon cakes (see risotto, below, for our policy on that front).  Though the recipe is for eight, we only halved the rest of the ingredients, so as to use just one can of coconut milk.  You want abundant vegetables and lots of delicious sauce, even if you need a spoon to clean your plate.

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