Monday, June 08, 2015

Bus to Dubrovnik, and Hotel Impossible

Sunday 24 May
We're now on a tour of "Highlights of Croatia," and the dinners are booked at hotels, which will make them less worth reading.  Indeed, there's little less worth reading about than our buffet dinner at the seedy Hotel Ivka, especially the prison-guard waitress who kept shouting "you must pay!" if someone foolishly thought their water - designedly, no tap available - came with dinner.  So we will mainly write about lunches from here on in.

As fodder for the four-hour bus ride, we bought a couple of sandwiches from a storefront of Bobis bakers near the Split fishmarket.  We got a decent pršut, cheese, and lettuce on a fresh hero roll ("Sendvič Budola-Sir"), and an excellent eggy slice with ham and greens with lattice pastry on top ("Solinska pita"), all for 24 kuna, or about 4 bucks.  Which, with an apple each, a bottle of water, and a view toward the sea on the coast road, is all you need.

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