Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating Jordan at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Saturday 13 June
Barbara spent most of the day at the Art Museum with a Jordanian delegation, as part of our department's collaborative effort to reinstall the Museum's splendid collection of Nabataean antiquities.  She had a fine time talking to the Mayor of Amman and the Directors of the Jordan Museum and the Cincinnati Art Museum, and then visiting the antiquities themselves in the Museum's vaults.

We were both invited to the celebratory dinner that evening, which gave us a chance to dress up a bit (Holt wore the prize-winning vest that Barbara had embroidered, which won him the Textile Curator's keen attention and praise). 
Drinks were in front of the Miró at the Terrace Café, and a lavish dinner was set out in the Museum's Great Hall. 
Our first course was tomato and watermelon salad, which kept you guessing what each red chunk would taste like.
The main course was succulent lamb chops drizzled with sauce and served with multicolored pearl orzo and butternut squash purée.

Tasty little individual raspberry cheesecakes came out for dessert.
At the end, goodbyes were said, hands were kissed, and we went home with a little Jordanian flag to wave, and a lavender rose from the flower arrangements for our table at home.

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