Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dinner with Liz

Thursday 18 June
There was a pork shoulder taking up way too much freezer space, so we pried it out, let it defrost for two days (which it almost did), and made our standard recipe, "Barbara's big ol' butt."  In fact, this butt was so big that it didn't fit in the dutch oven we usually use; instead, it had to be seared in an open skillet and cooked all day in the Canadian Tire crockpot.

(Insert smart comment about Sir Mix-a-Lot or Baby's Got Back Ribs here.)

Since we were going to end up with 7 or 8 pounds of meat by the end of the day, we invited Liz over to share the bounty.  All we had to do upon arrival was pour a glass of wine for the guest, the chef, and the sous-chef (i.e., all the people present); cut up some turnips and onions and throw them in the pot to simmer in the meat juices (chef); pick some of the abundant and varied lettuces from the garden, to make a salad dressed with basil oil and sherry vinegar (sous-chef/gardener, with applause from guest); and for dessert, put out a plate of sweet apricots we got from TJ's on Tuesday (all concerned).

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