Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Red Snapper and Salad

Sunday 14 June
Luken's had some bright-eyed red snappers on sale yesterday, so we snapped one up (sorry) to grill today.  

We stuffed it with fronds from our garden fennel, which as usual won Dora's interest; and used the shavings of the not-very-bulbous rest of the fennel as ingredients in a garden salad, made out of, well, stuff from the garden.  Lettuces, mostly, as that's what's come up at the moment.

No matter how much we oiled it, on the first run the snapper's skin stuck to the grill.  Luckily we remembered that we had a fish-shaped grill-cage, which improved matters.  
Red snapper has quite fibrous flesh that takes more time than you'd think to be done; but once it was, the fish and even the grilled skin tasted fabulous. 

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