Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pulled Pork and Mash

Saturday 27 June
We spent a happy afternoon wandering around the art museum with Julie.  Luckily we'd planned an easy dinner for all of us after, as we know that a day of museum-going tends to make our legs wobbly.
In fact, as soon as we got home we were able to plop down in comfy chairs and enjoy the bottle of prosecco Julie provided, while noshing on a mixed plate of (blue, swiss, goat) cheeses with crackers and olives.  (Don't you love those blue Swiss goats?)
In the meantime, it didn't take much effort to reheat a potful of last Thursday's pulled pork butt in its own juices, or boil potatoes to mash with cream and more goat cheese.
Oh, and did we mention we still have enough lettuce to choke even a blue Swiss goat?  (Yes, every day.)  So we picked and spun a salad (again), and dressed it with olive oil and balsamic (again).

Dessert was Graeter's peach ice cream on top of fresh sliced southern peaches.  The best of summer, and again, almost no effort.

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