Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crab Soufflé and Salad

Monday 8 June
Holt threw together a big-ass soufflé, incorporating the half can of crab left from our homecoming dinner last week, plus big helpings of swiss and goat cheese.  It was much as we did here, without the crumbs or ramekins, except that this time, the oven was preheated to a tee.

The soufflé, fluffy yet moist, went perfectly with a bountiful salad - after all, there is a colorful checkerboard of assorted lettuces that Barbara planted still pickable in the garden.  
A noteworthy addition was some slices of zucchini that we smoked on the dying embers on Saturday, after the chickens came out and left room in the smoker.

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