Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dinner at Kathy and Russel's

Saturday 20 June
Summer is the best time for impromptu entertaining: fresh local foods are burgeoning in gardens and markets, and schedules are freeing up, at least for academics (assuming you're not on excavation, which this year, we're not).  We've had various friends over, and tonight Kathy and Russel invited us for a little dinner at their house.  Well, not precisely "little"; when Kathy is doing the cooking, everything is meticulously planned and executed, yet she tosses it together like it's no big deal.
We started with some German sparkling wine and a plate of well-aged cheeses, including Barbara's fave, a Cambozola that would knock your socks off (luckily, she was wearing sandals).
When we came to the table, our first course was positively Seussian: an elegant version of green eggs and ham, the deviled egg yolks mashed with pesto (Russel doesn't like mayonnaise), set on a starfish of prosciutto.

The main event was a platterful of beautiful tranches of cold poached salmon, scattered with cucumber slices and served with a sour-cream dill sauce.

And finally, for dessert, Kathy's homemade crumble of fresh apples and blueberries, a sweet ending for a perfect summer meal.  Thanks, Kathy and Russel - and next time, at our house!

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