Thursday, June 11, 2015

Capuciner Grill, Zagreb

Thursday 28 May
Strategically located opposite Zagreb's cathedral (where our city guide got us into the sacristy to see Dürer's Calvary triptych, making us dance with joy), Capuciner was another Time Out recommendation.   But we went for the grill part of this very dispersed restaurant, rather than the recommended pizza part.
Once again, the waiter we spoke to was very understanding of our time constraints, and chose us a quick but delicious meal: two good mixed salads, and a big sharable slab of pork ribs with hot fresh fries and cabbage salad.  We got two glasses billed as Enjingi Venje, vrhunsko: one white, one red, and both excellent; the white with lots of honey and body, the red fruity with some spice.

By that evening, our tour arrived at the Hotel Park in Otočac, in the Lika district.  Our dinner was ordered ahead of time and meticulously served, rather than a buffet; but the soup was closer to water, and though the calamari were okay, the grilled chicken breast was thin and leathery.

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